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“Ramp Up Your Digital and Physical Product Creation Processes, Step-by-Step, Using These Brand-New
Merch Checklist & Resource Guide PDFs!”

The Perfect Set of Checklist & Resource Guides, 
for Creating Both Physical and Digital Products! 

When it comes to creating your own products, digital or physical, the process can seem unsure or even overwhelming at times. Questions and issues arise, like:

    • Where do I begin?
    • What are the best resources?
    • How do I create the BEST products?

Learning from an expert is ALWAYS a good thing, but having their CHEAT SHEETS to follow along for your OWN products is even better! No lengthy explanations, just a straightforward checklist and resource guide for what you want to create based on the best strategies, tools and more!
The “Merch Masters” PDF Series Does Exactly That!

In this “Merch Masters” Checklist & Resources series, I have addressed many of the most popular types of Digital and Physical products you can create today, including:

Publishing Checklist
9-Page PDF

Custom Fabric Checklist
3-Page PDF

POD Checklist
11-Page PDF

Novelty Checklist
4-Page PDF

Art Print Checklist
7-Page PDF

Card Deck Checklist
7-Page PDF

Stock Media Checklist
3-Page PDF

Art Card Checklist
2-Page PDF

As you can see, we cover a LOT of great Product Types that you will now have immediate access to! Simply download the “Merch Masters” PDFs and print them out for EASY reference!
Want EVEN MORE Awesome
Checklist & Resource Guides? 
Beginning April 1st and for the rest of 2020, I will be releasing TWO new Guide PDFs each month! Imagine having a total of 26 Checklist & Resource Guides that feature the BEST types of Products and Merch you can create in 2020!

Below are the additional “Merch Masters” Checklist & Resource Guide PDFs along with their topics and release dates:

Templates Checklist
Coming 4/1

Calendars Checklist
Coming 4/15

Puzzle Books Checklist
Coming 5/1

Reports Checklist
Coming 5/15

Board Games Checklist
Coming 6/1

Photo-to-Art Checklist
Coming 6/15

Magazines Checklist
Coming 7/1

Kid's Books Checklist
Coming 7/15

Promotional Checklist
Coming 8/1

Courses Checklist
Coming 8/15

CAM Maker Checklist
Coming 9/1

Planners Checklist
Coming 9/15

Jewelry Checklist
Coming 10/1

Gift Book Checklist
Coming 10/15

Photo Book Checklist
Coming 11/1

Journals Checklist
Coming 11/15

Greeting Card Checklist
Coming 12/1

Resin Casting Checklist
Coming 12/15

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Checklist & Resources PDF Guides PLUS an Additional
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PLEASE NOTE: I reserve the right to release the PDFs BEFORE their official launch date...which is a GOOD thing, right?
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Gain Instant Access to All 8 “Merch Masters”
Checklist & Resources PDF Guides! 
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