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“Use Stealth Detective Strategies on THREE of the Hottest, Most Popular Maker-Based Sites to Discover Nearly Unlimited Best-Selling Product Opportunities!”
My Behind-the-Scenes Secrets to Discovering New Products to Create and Sell!

There is a stealth research strategy I have been using for the past few years to discover new, hot-selling product ideas in a wide variety of markets, from digital products and ecom to physical goods of all types. By identifying product trends and then creatively reinventing those products in new forms, I was able to dramatically reduce the amount of guesswork in determining whether or not a product idea was a winning one.

My research focus has primarily been on just 3 selling sites: Kickstarter, Etsy, and Faire...and I’m finally ready to reveal exactly HOW I am using those sites to identify product home runs!
Introducing “The Opportunity Detectives!”

There are business and product opportunities EVERYWHERE if you know what to look for! And the great news is that they do not require “reinventing the wheel!” As a matter of fact, using the strategies I share, you are solely focusing on products that have ALREADY PROVEN that they sell. With that approach, you are leveraging that “borrowed” idea to create something new that you can turnaround and profit from yourself. 

You are NOT copying what others are doing, but instead, using the creativity of others as a launchpad to trigger YOUR OWN ideas and innovations. Here is a simple example... 
Selenite is a mineral often used in certain types of metaphysical practices and can be shaped in many different forms including, round and square discs, flat panels, hearts, spheres, and more. 

I have selenite and SELL it as well. A typical 3" flat disc sells for between $6 and $10 dollars. But then I discovered someone who was laser-engraving Selenite and selling it for 3x times more! It never even occurred to me to do that, but now I know!
This is just ONE sample of many. In my new training, “The Opportunity Detectives,” I show you exactly how to discover all types of product opportunities that you likely have never considered!

Here is what to expect from this 4-Module, deep-dive training:

Module One: Kickstarter
    • Kickstarter as a Source for Opportunity Sleuthing.
    • What to Pay Attention to on Kickstarter.
    • Best Kickstarter Research Tools.
    • And Much More!

Module Two: Etsy
    • Using the King of Maker Sites to Discover Opportunities.
    • The Differences Between Etsy and Other Platforms.
    • Using Etsy Research Tools to Discover Trends.
    • And Much More!

Module Three: Faire
    • Faire: A Completely Different Approach to Product Discovery.
    • Why Popular Wholesale Products May Be the Answer to Your Prayers.
    • What to Watch for on Faire.
    • And Much More!

BONUS Module Four: Selling Your Goods
    • Sales Options for Your Own Products.
    • The BEST Option for YOU Is…
    • The #1 Sales Killer.
    • And Much More!

BONUS: “White Label and Private Label Products” Video Training

BONUS: Slides PDFs for ALL Modules and Bonuses!
The BEST Part? Immediate Access to ALL Training!
Because I decided to pre-record ALL the modules ahead of time, you gain immediate access to all the videos and bonuses! That way, you can watch them when it suits you best rather than have to wait, week after week, until finished!

Use the stealth strategies I share in this training to build your OWN successful products and business. And to get started, the course cost is much less than you would expect. Others sell information like this for literally thousands of dollars. Frankly, it’s worth it! So the regular price of $197 for this is insane! But, I see this information as crazy valuable for you...a gamechanger for I want to offer you an Introductory Price that I believe you will agree is a no-brainer...
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Bonuses and Course PDFs!
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Take Your Opportunities to the Next Level With...
The Opportunity BUNDLE!
For those of you who are ready to ramp up your product creation game, I have a very special bundle option for you. In “The Opportunity BUNDLE,” you will gain immediate access to:
    • “The Opportunity Detectives” Full Course with BONUSES
    • “Maker Shop Success” Full Course with BONUSES
    • “Merch Masters” 26 Checklist and Resources PDF Guides
In “Maker Shop Success” we will cover EVERYTHING you need to know to setup your OWN successful Esty shop...from setting up the store to marketing it to the world. Here's what you can expect...
Module 1: Product Research, Keywords and Trends. It's important to understand what's selling on Etsy and why. While you can sell many types of products on Etsy, it makes sense to have keen insight on the best ways to present that product. Having the right product titles, descriptions, keywords and more make ALL the difference to your success.

Module 2: Setting Up Your Etsy Shop, Step-by-Step. Setting up your own store can be intimidating, especially if you're not familiar with the technology...and that's why I'll be setting up a store from ground zero during the training, step-by-step.

Module 3: Product Photography 101. If you ask any Etsy expert what they ONE thing is that will kill sales on Esty, they will tell you the product photos. They're THAT important. The good news is that I understand product photography and will guide you in the best photo methods you can (and should) use to make your store stand out to the masses!

Module 4: Marketing Your Shop to Make Sales. There is no such thing as, “If I build it they will come!” Customers can't buy your awesome products if they aren't aware they even exist. Marketing is an essential part of the success equation and we'll explore the best marketing strategies you can use to boost your success!

Bonus 1: Custom Lapel Pins: In this session, we cover: Why Create Lapel Pins? , Best Options for Custom Lapel Pins, Designing for Lapel Pins, Preparing Your Art and Much More!

Bonus 2: Poster Creation Insights: In this session, we cover: Opportunities with Creating Custom Posters, Content and Where to Find It, Design and Layout Strategies, The Best Printing Options, Where to Sell Your Posters and Much More!

Bonus 3: Jigsaw Puzzle Connection: In this session, we cover: Piecing Together the Jigsaw Puzzle, Puzzle Product Options, Sourcing Your Designs, Getting Your Puzzles Produced and Much More!

Bonus 4: Pins, Magnets & Buttons: In this session, we cover: Buttons and Magnets…Little Products With a Big Margin, Getting Started…It’s Like Mugs, But… , Simple Product Creation Strategies, Your Best Sources for Manufacturing and Much More!
In “Merch Masters” there are 26 Product Checklist and Resources PDF’s that focus on nearly EVERY type of digital or physical product you might want to create, including: 

• AI Generators Checklist
• Art Cards Checklist
• Art Prints Checklist
• Board Game Checklist
• Calendars Checklist
• CAM Maker Checklist
• Card Deck Checklist
• Courses Checklist
• Custom Fabric Checklist

• Gift Book Checklist
• Greeting Card Checklist
• Jewelry Checklist
• Journal Checklist
• Kid's Book Checklist
• Magazine Checklist
• Novelty Products Checklist
• Photo Book Checklist
• Photo-to-Art Checklist

• Planners Checklist
• Print-on-Demand Checklist
• Promotions Checklist
• Publishing Checklist
• Puzzle Book Checklist
• Reports Checklist
• Stock Photos Checklist
• Templates Checklist

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